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1 ILLMATICS DECK SHOP!!!!!!! on Fri Dec 30, 2011 10:21 pm


zombie deck(pure zombies) 40 cards

swarms field fairly easy has sum high powered cards for beatdown and protects monsters on feild,also very versatile

aqua deck(all water monsters)43 cards
price: 200Neos

focus arond low level monster bases is direct atks wile opp has mons on field n beatdown n atk lock dwn and has a vicous bak row

fish deck(pure water monsters)40 cards
price: 70Neos

focuses mianly around cranium fish n ss him n ss other mons to feild for tribute or for extra deck(a beginners deck bt can b made in2 sumthin good if a good user)

worm deck(pure worms) 40cards 2 extra
price: 120Neos

more cards in the grave the stronger ur monsters are up 9000atk each for 2 monster and worm zero otk

Gishki deck(pure water)
price: 250Neos

really good deck can clear fields,ss easily n repeatedly in 1 turn,this used to b a main deck of mine,i love it alot and it has won me alot of tourenys on DN and agenst richbonner93 lol

pm me for the deck list(1st person to pm me about a deck gets 25Neos off their deck of choice)

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